Vanilla Sense

So pleased to be able to support another new business idea. Vanilla Sense is a new venture from Bettina Perdomo. She creates delicious cakes and desserts, I can concur, they are indeed amazing. She mixes her South American routes with a British sweet tooth , for an interesting combination which I’m sure will be a success. Vanilla is actually a really interesting plant, an orchid no less, which translates as ‘little pod’ – cute. It grows as a vine, climbing up an existing tree or other support, which is what we have tried to capture with the curly V clinging on to the A. Subtle, but we like it. Good luck Bettina, and if you need any more guinea pigs for cake tasting, just say the word! xx

Almost there, just a little tweak to go

Inked up and ready to roll

The peg shot

How satisfying, a fresh stack of printed goodness

The finished print, Naturalis in smooth vanilla, 330gsm, single colour print run.