Ben & Jen – An awfully big adventure

Mmm, minty goodnessSecond pass & the trusty steed

Meandering line from front to backThe finished letterpress cards, Accent antique in alabaster, 320gsm, two colour print runWe love Ben and Jen, and we love what they’ve decided to do. They’re quitting their jobs and will be embarking on an awfully big adventure. They’re taking a year out, travelling from Leamington Spa to Cape Town in their trusty steed, a┬áLand Rover Discovery. We’re very jealous. They asked us if we could print them a card – something they could give to the nice folk they met along the way. Ben was after Acacia trees, and Jen was just her usual happy self. I wanted to capture their motor, their meandering and the some of the things they were going to do on route – I excluded the expectant lions in the end. If you’d like to view their escapades, and follow Cedric Smalls photo-blog, the link is below.

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