Vanilla Sense

So pleased to be able to support another new business idea. Vanilla Sense is a new venture from Bettina Perdomo. She creates delicious cakes and desserts, I can concur, they are indeed amazing. She mixes her South American routes with a British sweet tooth , for an interesting combination which I’m sure will be a success. Vanilla is actually a really interesting plant, an orchid no less, which translates as ‘little pod’ – cute. It grows as a vine, climbing up an existing tree or other support, which is what we have tried to capture with the curly V clinging on to the A. Subtle, but we like it.¬†Good luck Bettina, and if you need any more guinea pigs for cake tasting, just say the word! xx

Almost there, just a little tweak to go

Inked up and ready to roll

The peg shot

How satisfying, a fresh stack of printed goodness

The finished print, Naturalis in smooth vanilla, 330gsm, single colour print run.

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