Ben & Jen’s wedding invites

I’m not sure if you remember Ben & Jen and the adventure they embarked on last year? A year spent travelling around Africa, well it just so happens that Ben proposed while they were away. Hooray! She said yes, of course!
And so the time is here to embark on their wedding stationery, just like Polly and Russell, they only wanted invites printing, but are hoping to have posters and a commemorative tea-towel printed for the event : ) Love the idea! That’ll keep us busy and out of trouble.Where it all began: mood board from Jen with images she likes, the mood she wants to capture at her wedding and colour direction. Their brief was to capture a festival feel with colour inspired by their travels, ooo and not be too serious. Collectively they love music and so I wanted to try and capture the sense of an old music hall poster for their invites.

How exciting, the arrival of the card! 700 gsm Colorplan in mandarin, turquoise and purple, super chunky – lovely. They’ll be a single sided A5 card in the end.
Lining up the screen, one colour print across the three colours of card, the beauty of this design is it could work on any medium, grey board, kraft, choice is yours, splendid…

…and lovely prints all in a row.

All three together, the colour is going to be picked up in the venue with hand-made garlands, fans and paper pom-poms. It should have a real festival feel. We’ll be printing some large A2 posters too nearer the time, they’ll be pinned up around the space ready for a grand old knees up.

A simple white colorplan C5 envelope, and they’re ready for off. Posters and tea-towels to follow : )

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