Crafternoon session #2 pen & ink

The second of our crafternoon sessions – # pen & ink. We experimented with brush lettering and drawing with inks. The brush pens were a big hit, Zig and Tombow both being popular alongside the more traditional paint brush & ink.
It was a bit of a type frenzy to begin with, w’s were obsessed about. We put into practise some basics, stroke, varying direction & pressure (fat down, thin up : )
Then the colours came out – and the masking fluid, opened up a load more potential. Beautiful washes of colour with type reversed out.
Tea drank, pastries eaten, silence descends as the concentration levels hit their peak : )
We had all thought prior about type we may want to explore, so we had poems for friends, type for wall art and a little boys bedroom, birthday wishes and party invites.
It was of course the run up to Mothers day, so a lot of us tried our hand at making something we would be happy to send.
Tongues out – mean business : )
It was nice to see everyone’s individual styles start to come together, quite a varied bunch in the end.
Little geo repeats and graphic florals explored amongst others…
… and beautiful contemporary script.

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